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16 September 2011

MyDistress Call (Teknologi Pintar Untuk Anda Demi Keselamatan)


MyDistress. Ini merupakan satu lagi inisiatif yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan kita untuk memerangi jenayah atau menyediakan bantuan kepada mereka yang memerlukan dengan cara yang paling cepat melalui telefon mudah alih anda! MyDistress menghubungkan anda terus kepada polis bagi amaran kecemasan "hanya dengan klik"!
Korang bacalah yang aku copy paste kat bawah ni yer... untuk maklumat lanjut atau korang nak download aplikasi MyDistress ni, korang bolehlah layari website ini.

*aplikasi ini hanya ada di Selangor sahaja pada ketika ini (dan akan dilaksanakan di setiap negeri mengikut peringkat)

My Distress - A Smart Technology For A Safer You!

Press ‘MyDistress’ and cops will respond fast

One of the key challenges when requesting emergency assistance is communication. When out in the streets, sometimes you are unsure of the exact location that you are in, which is then difficult for the rescue team to find you quickly.
When in scenario such as kidnap, where you could not speak or communicate your movement, you could not alert the rescue team of your movement for rescue operation.
When one is in distress, you could be too traumatized to speak or for individuals with hearing or speech impaired, it would be tough to communicate calmly to the rescue team. Hence, with MyDistress, you could alert the police department of your emergency situation with just a click.
My Distress - A Smart Technology For A Safer You!
Requesting for police help today requires one to dial 999 to provide info & location. Often,it’s difficult to state location due to stressful situations,for uncertainty of exact location. In extreme situation,it’s impossible to speak up for assistance of fear of own safety. Hence,a solution is needed to streamline this process for police help,and pinpoint the exact location.
I myself have been in such situation whereby we need to provide a lot of information when dialing for help, but that time I’m not certain of the police station area and dialed to the wrong police station and was told that they are not in charge of that area and I have to waste time to call to the correct police station again! This apps definitely help us in such situation! One word of advise : please note the police station that in charge of your area and save the number to your mobile!

Hit HELP Responsibility! Use of MyDistress should be an emergency.

An Emergency is when crime is happening, someone suspected of a crime nearby, someone is injured, being threatened or in danger.
You should use MyDistress service to alert police in situation when you need an immediate response-if a crime/incident is happening now or if anyone/property is in imminent danger.
If a person misuse MyDistress whereby the request for immediate response is not an action deemed emergency, PDRM reserves the right to suspend MyDistress services to the user.
MyDistress is a service by the Royal Malaysia Police, Selangor Contingent in an effort to keep Selangor safer. Any abuse and/or misuse of MyDistress will divert crucial resourses of the Police which can be better utilised for situations of real emergencies.Pursuant thereto, please use MyDistress responsibly.
MyDistress - A Smart Technology For A Safer You!
When outdoor, in life threatening condition requesting emergency assistance, use the personal alert for assistance.
MyDistress - A Smart Technology For A Safer You!
The personal alert tracks your movement in case you are being transported unwillingly Note: MyDistress do not track your location/movement unless you use the application (refer privacy policy).
MyDistress - A Smart Technology For A Safer You!
For indoor, use preset location to register your property or venues that might be vulnerable, for exact location within the building for quick alert.
MyDistress - A Smart Technology For A Safer You!

When you are not at your preset location, and when support is required at preset location, preset location alert highlights that assistance is required at preset location and not your current location.
I think this is a very good initiative and good way to fight the crime if all the smartphone users fully utilized it and don’t misuse it!

iPhone App : MyDistress - A Smart Technology For A Safer You!
iPhone App : MyDistress - A Smart Technology For A Safer You!
iPhone App : MyDistress - A Smart Technology For A Safer You!
It’s for almost all the smartphone platform! iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, J2ME! So download now to utilized the service in case of emergency!

Download application at:

from your mobile phone.

Download : My Distress - A Smart Technology For A Safer You!

Speedy help via smartphones

SHAH ALAM: Your smartphone is the SOS you need in times of danger just tap a key and the police will be able to locate you wherever you are.
Selangor police have pioneered a new application for smartphones to enable the public to have easy access to the police in high-risk situations.
Officer in charge of NKRA, Deputy Supt Mohamed Mokhsein Mohamed Zon, said the software dubbed MyDistress was compatible with Android, Apple, Symbian and BlackBerry smartphone operating systems.
“We co-developed the application with mobile phone software developer Convep Mobilogy Sdn Bhd.
My Distress
“The purpose of this device is to assist the public who may need our assistance if they face situations like being robbed, house break-ins, abducted or even kidnapped,” he said, adding that it took one year to complete the development of the application.
DSP Mohamed Mokhsein said the application was capable of transmitting the GPS coordinates of any person who had installed it in a smartphone if the distress feature had been activated.
He said the application was capable of giving an accurate location of any individual who uses it.
Police had been testing it since March to ensure it would be ready for use, DSP Mohamed Mokhsein added.
My Distress
Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said the application could be used for free within the eight police districts in Selangor until January next year.
“We developed this application to make it easy for the public to get police access if they are in imminent danger and to enable the police to respond fast to life and death situations.
“At the click of a button, anyone can report to us their exact location so that we can get to them as fast as possible,” he said, adding that the application was meant to be used in high-risk situations only.
DCP Tun Hisan said the application could be used within Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Serdang, Gombak, Ampang Jaya, Kajang, Klang and Shah Alam police districts currently.
The application would eventually cost RM2 monthly beginning next year, he said.
He also said 50 police patrol cars had been equipped with GPS to ensure they get to the right locations.
“We are working together with Pemandu to equip the rest of our patrol cars with GPS as well,” he said.
Anyone interested in downloading the application can visit http://mydistress.net on their smartphones.

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